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C.P.T & Interview for the post of S.A.E (Civil) will be held on 16/02/2019. 

List of the candidates qualified for Computer Proficiency Test & Interview for the post of S.A.E (Civil) .

Written Examination for Recruitment of SAE Civil, Bankura Municipality, notification no. 3031/BM/1-1 dated 19/12/2017 will be held on 08/12/18 (Saturday).

List of Eligible Candidate for written examination & Rejected Candidate list has been published (In Career Column)

Emp. Notification to the post of Clerk & Driver

Selection  to the  post of  Driver  under  Bankura  Municipality    

 Annual Financial Statement for the Financial Year 2014-2015


Appointment of Internal Auditor


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April 11, 2019




Demographic Growth: The population figures of the town with growth rate have been presented in the table below. A steady growth in population is forecasted.Note: Percentage of population of Bankura Municpalty as per 2001 is male 48% and 52%. It is very striking demographic characteristic shown in Bankura ‘s population structure as demogramphic features of India show less number of females as compare to their male counterparts.
Year population in thousand Decadal Growth Rate
1981 1991 2001 1981-91 1991-2001
94,954 1,14,927 1,28,811 17.4% 12.10%
Source of Data: Census 2001
The growth of population of the town in the last decade has registered a decrease of about 5.40% from the earlier decade and this growth is below the decadal urban growth rate of West Bengal while being slightly less than the decadal growth rate of Bankura District (13.79%)
The decadal growth may not appear to be appreciable in comparision with the decadal urban growth rate of the state and the District but the enormous daily influx of population from the nearby subdivisional and Block makes the towns more vulnerable mainly because of its status of district headquarter. Such influx of population ultimately affects seriously the existing civic services meant for the population of the town.
Salient Features of Population Characteristics
Census 2001 Total Male Female
No. of Households 24283
Total Population 128811 66331 62480
Population below 10 yrs (as per 2007-08 data) 21742.5 11122.5 10620
Population SC/ST 30617 15497 15120
Population Literate 105473 59300 46173
Population Illiterate 16% as per Surveyed 2008
Bankura has a diverse variety of land with large tracts of forests, hills. The district has found place in the tourist map. Mukutmanipur, Bishnupur, Jhilimili are the main spots of attraction.
Traditional Arts/Crafts:
From the ancient to the present time here united the people of various religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Muslim. The mixed culture mirrors its impact on the walls of temples, in various religiosities and in manifold lifestyles. This mixed folk-culture is also revealed through various crafts of the district.
Today the high-necked TERRA-COTTA horse as a sign of excellence in handicraft is roaming around the world. This horse, which is the symbol of handicraft section of Indian Government, is its pride. Also handicrafts like Dokra, Stone-carvings & Wood-carvings etc. and handlooms of silk & tasar etc. have enriched the district. Other noteworthy crafts are earthen pots, Conch shells, Leather works, Baluchari sarees, Bamboo works and Pota-chitras (Scroll Paintings) etc. Still the most unfortunate thing is that the skilled craftsmen are the most exploited and poorest persons because of the mediators.
Climatic data:
Climate of Bankura District
Description Particulars
Rainfall 1414.25 mm
Temperature 470C in Summer(Max) and 120C in Winter(Min)
Relative Humidity Between 70-80% in March & 80-90% in July
Soil Status Alluvial and laterite soil
Source of data (Municipal records)