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   Municipality Vision


Bankura Municipality visions to transform itself into most cleanest, green, healthy and hygienic friendly environment, highly developed infrastructure with scientifically utilised urban land where poor as well as every class of households will have adequate and equitable access to every kind of basic services, people will be engaged in gainful employment/ self-employment, women of the poor family will support with parallel income to their family by self-employment with the help of special drive of livelihood improvement and poverty alleviation programmes organised by Bankura Municipality so that all sections of people are  willing to  participate in education, sports and cultural activities and our municipality will be more citizen friendly.



This will change the socio-economic conditions of our municipality as a favourable destination for investment for the hi-tech industries and other business enterprises and with the joining to different kind of public-private partnership our Municipality’s financial strength as well as sustainability will improve to provide more modern eco-friendly services to its citizens.