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Central Govt. Offices


I.       Divisional Railway Manager Office.

II.      General Manager, B.S.N.L. Office.

III.    Life Insurance Corporation office.

IV.    General Insurance Corporation.

V.     National insurance Office.

VI.    N.C.C. Office.

VII.   Assistant Labour Commission Office.


 State Govt. Offices

 I.            District Magistrate.

II.            Additional District Magistrate (Development).

III.          Additional District Magistrate (General).

IV.          Sub – Divisional Officer.

V.           Superintend of police.

VI.          D.L.L.R.O.

VII.         S.D.L.R.O. Office

VIII.       Local P.S.

IX.          Superintend Engineer (Irrigation).

X.           Executive Engineer (P.W.D.).

XI.          Executive Engineer (P.W.D., Roads).

XII.         P.W.D. Construction Office.

XIII.        Executive Engineer (P.H.E.), Civil.

XIV.       Executive Engineer (P.H.E.), Mechanical.

XV.        Executive Engineer Agri-Mechanical

XVI.       Executive Engineer Agri-Irrigation

XVII.      Executive Engineer (M.E.D.)

XVIII.     B.L. & L.R.O. office.

XIX.       Sub Register Office.

XX.         F.C.I. Office.

XXI.       Forest Office.

XXII.      Family Welfare Office.

XXIII.     C.M.O.H. Office.

XXIV.    Municipal Office.

XXV.      D.E. (W.B.S.E.B.)

XXVI.    Employment Exchange Office.

XXVII.   Veterinary Surgeon.

XXVIII.  Youth Welfare Dept.

XXIX.     District Post Office

XXX.      Cultural & Information Office

XXXI.     Zilla Parishad




 I.            State Bank of India.

II.            Uco Bank.

III.          Punjab National Bank.

IV.          Allahabad Bank.

V.           Bank of India.

VI.          Indian Bank.

VII.         U.B.I. Bank.

VIII.       Central Bank.

IX.          Dena Bank.

X.           Bankura central Co-operative Bank.

XI.          Town Co-Op Bank

XII.                  Land Development Bank

 Educational Institutions

I.          Primary School (Govt.)                                        : 81 Nos.

II.        No. Primary School (Municipal)                       : 7 Nos.

III.     No. of Primary School (Pvt.)                               : 5 Nos.

IV.    No. of Secondary School                                      : 4 Nos.

V.       No. of Higher Secondary Schoo                         : 12 Nos.

VI.    Nos. of Colleges                                                     : 3 Nos.

(Source of Data: DISE and Municipal Records)