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                It is a great privilege to inaugurate this wonderful website of Bankura Municipality in the 150th Birth Anniversary of the noble laureate World-poet Rabindranath Tagore, who visited our town in 1940 and got charmed with the versatile beauty of this traditional land, particularly in the field of Paintings, Sculpture, Classical Music, Literature & journalism. It is needless to mention that this holy soil begot many-a mastermind like Baru Chandidas, Ramai Pandit, Acharya Jogesh Chandra Bidyanidhi, Ramananda Chattopadhyay, Jamini Roy, Ramkinkar Beij, Jadu Bhatta, Jnan Goswami and last but not the least the world-mother Sri Sri Ma Saradamoni, the spiritual partner of the greatest Avatar of this age Sri Ramakrishna. But despite being enriched with such an elegant cultural heritage, this ancient neighbourhood has been set aside under-developed in the view of Socio-Economic progress due to obvious reason since independence.
We know from the very outset that our beloved townsfolk are envisaged to have a shinning township from this newly elected Municipal Board. And so despite our limited capacity we have valiantly accepted the challenge to build up a ‘SHINNING BANKURA TOWN’ with our best possible efforts. Hence, massive focus with bull’s eye target has already been projected to:
            1 Grow up a clean green township.
            2 Supply essential filtered drinking water.
            3 Implement modern drainage & sanitation system.
            4 Provide solid waste management under modern technology.
            5 Build up and maintain throughout proper roads, Lanes & by lanes.
            6 Eradicate poverty from BPL society.
            7 Shape pollution free environment for improves of the quality of public health.
8 Encourage uplifting of the standard of education, literature, sports, music, performing arts,      journalism etc.
9 Generate employment through joint venture in trade & industries.
Bankura Municipality is extensively optimistic to construct a ‘SHINNING BANKURA TOWN’ being its upshot and so desires to let the force of vivacity free from the womb of inertia off every possible source.  Civic trust is our capital. Civic guardianship is our asset. We vow not to stop till the goal is reached. And we firmly believe in heart that Tagore’s miraculous message would be our magnificent escort throughout this gallant expedition to reach the greater world with the help of this phenomenal website of Bankura Municipality:
মানুষের উপর বিশ্বাস হারানো পাপ ।